Criminal Profiling: Behavioral Evidence Analysis PCTC


Criminal Profiling: Behavioral Evidence Analysis PCTC

Criminal Profiling: Behavioral Evidence Analysis PCTC

Course Text: The text book for course is provided by FTI, however, it must be returned upon the completion of the course. The student may purchase the book from FTI if they want to retain the course book.

Course Description:
This is a comprehensive course specifically designed for law enforcement, correctional professionals, criminal justice professionals, military personnel, private investigators, criminologists, forensic scientists, and forensic mental health professionals. This course is unique and is centered on the deductive profiling method developed by Brent Turvey one of the major criminal profilers in the United States.

This is a 10 module course which requires the student to submit to their online instructor a 3,000 word descriptive essay on each module studied for review by the student’s instructor.

Upon successful completion of all module requirements, the student shall be issued the Criminal Profiling: Behavioral Evidence Analysis PCTC.

The student may work at their own pace on this comprehensive course. However, the course must completed within one (1) year of the student's registration. Courses not completed within one (1) year will be unsuccessfully terminated. No refunds will be issued.

Subjects covered in this course include:

  • ethics and criminal profile
  • criminal behavior on the internet
  • serial rape, serial murder
  • stalking
  • sexual asphyxia
  • domestic violence
  • sadistic behavior
  • psychopathic behavior
  • fire and explosives
  • criminal profiling in court
  • criminal offender characteristics
  • criminal motivation
  • understanding offender signature
  • modus operandi
  • staged crimes
  • organized vs. disorganized offenders
  • crime scene characteristics
  • false reports
  • psychological autopsy
  • inductive and deductive criminal profiling
  • case assessment
  • crime reconstruction
  • evidence dynamics
  • wound pattern analysis
  • victimology

Tuition: $1,395

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