Criminal Justice PCTC


Criminal Justice PCTC

Criminal Justice PCTC

Course Description
This is a very comprehensive course in criminal justice for mental health professionals or other persons considering a career in criminal justice as either a law enforcement officer, probation, parole agent, correctional officer, security professional, private investigator, or forensic mental health clinician.

Once registered, an instructor will be assigned. Students taking this course must complete 18 learning modules requiring:

  • a writing assignment
  • doing research on the web
  • answering critical thinking questions at the end of each learning module
This comprehensive course covers the following subjects:
  1. crime and criminal justice
  2. the nature and extent of crime
  3. understanding crime and victimization
  4. criminal law: substance and procedure
  5. criminal justice in the new millennium: terrorism, homeland security, and cyber crime
  6. police in society: history and organization
  7. the police: organization, role, function
  8. issues in policing
  9. police and the rule of law
  10. courts and adjudication
  11. the prosecution and the defense
  12. pretrial procedures
  13. the criminal trial
  14. punishment and sentencing
  15. community sentences: probation, intermediate sanctions, and restorative justice
  16. corrections: history, institutions and populations
  17. prison life: living in and leaving prison
  18. the history and nature of the juvenile justice system

The student may work at their own pace on this comprehensive course. However, the course must completed within one (1) year of the student's registration. Courses not completed within one (1) year will be unsuccessfully terminated. No refunds will be issued.

Text Book
Text book for this course is supplied by the Forensic Training Institute and must be returned upon completion of the course.

Tuition: $975.00

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