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Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders PCTC

Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders PCTC

Course Description
This is a very comprehensive course which covers all the various aspects of sexual offending including:

  • attachment & sexual offending
  • factors associated with re-offending
  • accuracy of risk factors
  • risk assessment
  • psychometric assessment of sexual deviance
  • use of polygraph to manage risk
  • sexual addiction
  • internet sex offenders
  • predicting risk in juvenile sexual offending
  • interventions
  • policy and practices
  • community management
  • issues & interventions for specific populations
  • sex offenders with personality disorders
  • female sex offenders
  • mentally ill sex offenders
  • sex offenders with intellectual disabilities
  • community based treatment
  • residential treatment
  • relapse prevention
  • modifying sexual preferences
  • juvenile sexual offending
  • and much more
Each learning module within this course requires the student to write an essay and answer T/F questions for each learning module completed which must be submitted to the student's assigned instructor for grading via email.
The student may work at their own pace on this comprehensive course. However, the course must completed within one (1) year of the student's registration. Courses not completed within one (1) year will be unsuccessfully terminated. No refunds will be issued.
Text Book
The text book for course is provided by FTI, however, it must be returned upon the completion of the course. The student may purchase the book from FTI if they want to retain the course book.
Tuition: $975.00

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