Professional Career Training Certificate Program


Professional Career Training Certificate Program

Professional Career Training Certificate Program (PCTC)

The mission of the Forensic Training Institute (FTI) Division of Professional and Continuing Studies is to provide forensic mental health professionals with lifelong learning opportunities that address their professional needs and the needs of the criminal justice systems they work with by enhancing the knowledge, skills and competence required to effectively assess and treat both adult and juvenile criminal offenders.

The new Forensic Training Institute Professionals Career Training Certificate program is specifically designed for those professionals assessing and treating criminal justice clients who desire to update their knowledge and skills, or to focus or specialize in a particular area of knowledge within their scope of practice such as addictions, sexual offending, juvenile crime, criminal justice, etc. The Forensic Training Institute career training program is not a college or university degree granting program.

PCTC Course Program Description

Students enrolling in any of the PCTC program courses are assigned an online instructor to assist them in their studies as needed. The student is provided with a course text book and is responsible for submitting essays, answering and submitting questions as assigned by the instructor online in order to determine the students understanding of the subject matter being studied. The student may work at their own pace on this comprehensive course. Upon satisfactory completion of the entire course the student will be awarded their Professional Career Training Certificate suitable for hanging.

The following certificate courses are being added. Some are available now, and more will be added, so check back often.

  • Criminal Profiling: Behavioral Evidence Analysis
  • Criminal Justice
  • Assessment & Treatment of Sex Offenders
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Integrated Treatment for Dual Disorders
  • Juvenile Sexual Offending
  • Juveniles With Mental Disorders
  • Forensic Social Work
  • Criminal Conduct & Substance Abuse Treatment for adolescents
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Addictions
  • Forensic Nursing

Required Course Texts
Unless otherwise noted, all required course texts will be shipped to the student and must be returned to the FTI upon completion of the course.

Students may keep any or all required text by purchasing them from the FTI at cost.

No refunds will be issued for any course for any reason.

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